Friday, February 11, 2011

Baseball analogies

Never before moving to Chile did I realize how many baseball analogies I use in everyday conversation. "Batting 1,000," "come out of left field," "hardball," "knock ___ out of the park," there are so many.

But since the U.S. and Japan are the only two countries who have any real interest in baseball, these analogies don't really work with the Swiss people I work with or the Chileans I know.

I say these things, and people just stare at me, that familiar stare I know I give people when I can't understand their accent. Blank, no reaction.

We did recently have a Swiss-Japanese girl join the team (we have maybe the most international business in town). Maybe she'll share with me in the baseball analogies.



  1. FYI...Cuba, the Dominican Republican, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and also Mexico are about the only latin american countries that love/like/play baseball. Many Major League Baseball players come from these countries. Of course, you can't forget, but maybe your too young, Fernando Valenzuela, born in Mexico.

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  3. Evelyn! You're so right. I'd forgotten completely that those countries have their own leagues. Definitely isn't even on the map in South America or in Europe though.