Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cleaning Products.

Cleaning products. One of the things I didn't imagine I'd really have an opinion on, or even miss, when I moved to Chile. But the cleaning products here are amazing. Almost too good.

A small dab of wood polish on something and it shines so brightly you can see your reflection in the wood. Generic disinfectants practically burn the dirt off a surface, no elbow grease necessary.

It's almost scary. Chile is an advanced country, definitely no longer in the "developing nations" stage, but I question what kind of tests and safety regulations there are on the chemicals in these products.

I'm not going to have any adverse side effects from using these things, no blindness, dizziness, or sudden death .. right?

Instead of filling my suitcases with loads of piƱones, alpaca scarves (from Peru mainly, not Chile), pottery from Pomaire, or other interesting cultural items when I leave, I imagine packing loads of cleaning products since they beat those sold in the U.S. hands down.

My only hesitation is that should the bottles of cleaning liquid explode, my clothes would be reduced to a few singed threads rather then be bleached or stained from the cleaning products -- they are that strong.


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