Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin fever

Recently I've been getting a little stir crazy. It's both the perk and the downside of living so close to everything, everyone.

I've even done some impromptu gauging of how close everything is, and noticed the farmer's market is less then half way through "Gimme Shelter;" the park is about the same 3 minutes or so and that's starting from the elevator on the 15th floor. Museums, bars, cultural centers, friends are all close and so is work. Almost everything is about a 2 km. (1.2 mile) radius from the house. Which is wonderful, but it's also getting a bit boring.

I can't remember the last time I even got on the metro; my legs take me everywhere.

At the very least it's a good view to have, but I'm getting a little restless. So for the weekend, a few friends and I (a good mix of ex-pats: a German, Colombian, two Swiss people, and the American) are headed to Argentina -- to be posted about tomorrow. We're headed to the boarder town that's still in the Andean Cordillera, Mendoza. Lots of trees, wine, biking, and it's very cheap.

I'm already holding my breath until the weekend!

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  1. Say hello to the Mendocinos. My mom spent quite a few summers there enjoying the wine and food. Have fun!