Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Initial thoughts part II.

This time last year I was writing a very similar blog post. I was setting off to live in Santiago, Chile with a friend. This year, however, I'm embarking on my own adventure and moving back alone after already spending a year there.

I moved back to Santiago in September of last year. Initially I left only to only to visit friends on a 10-day trip and ended up scoring an amazing job as editor in chief of an English-language magazine. In the three months between when I moved back to Chile and now, when I'm leaving Los Angeles after visiting my family, I realized I missed blogging. I missed having a platform to share my daily experiences, thoughts, and photos with friends and family. I missed sharing Santiago.

This blog, however, will be different from Chillin' in Chile. Like Chillin' I aim to use this space to share my thoughts, experiences, observations, reflections, photos, everything with my family, friends, and anyone who's interested. But, unlike last time, it's just me writing these posts. No dialog or discussion posts, like I had when I was writing with Aneya (unless I can get some of my expat friends to share their thoughts on here, too).

This time I'm not moving to a city I've never been to. I know Santiago quite a bit better than I did, and I've discovered there are things I love and hate about living there.

Among the things I love about Santiago:
--Speaking Spanish every day
--The warm people
--The Andes
--Walking through two beautiful parks to get to work every(ish) morning.
--The busy downtown

The things I don't love, I'll have to write about another time.

Thanks for reading and I'm eager to hear feedback on what you all think.


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