Monday, January 24, 2011

The story of Osa

Among the street dogs we see and meet, there are a few of our favorites. Daniela and Stephen seem to have taken a liking to Clinton (named after Clinton Kelly for the fancy vests he wears), and the two tough dogs in the park they've named the Petes. There's also Laz formerly No Name, a small white dog who they didn't give a name. After a scare that he may be a dead dog we saw, Daniela and Stephen renamed him Laz (for Lazarus).

I've got my own favorites. Calcetines, a large red terrier who lives near the library/cafe in Provedencia. Mellow Yellow, a tail-less golden something that I'm sure is Theodora's father.

And then there's Osa. Osa is a small timid black dog that lived in front of our building. Very sweet, she was always afraid of people and other dogs. She would cower and shrink away while other dogs, even ones with owners, would eat her food. Little by little she started coming out of her shell, although she would still cower if she saw another dog. Not too long ago we found this note taped to the spot outside our building where Osa would sleep. It says "Encontré casita :)". Someone had given her a home and
left a note for the neighbors that looked after her.

There's actually a small community of people who look after the dogs who live in the park. 
They live in the apartments alongside the park (usually a little more wealthy, older crowd) 
and feed the dogs, build them small houses, give them tags and collars so the dog catchers 
don't take them away, and even take them to the vet for necessary operations (if they get 
hit by a car or something).

Regardless, Osa is no longer part of this crowd and now has a home which was happy news.


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